Short guided tours – Try before you buy!

Many just want to try an electric bike perhaps before a booking a longer ride, maybe abroad, or before buying one themselves.

​We have several good rides that demonstrate the bikes from very brief tests to about 2-3 hours. The short ½ hour ride on back roads with steep hills will show you what an electric bike will do. The longer ones will let you see how easily you cope with 20 miles or so of hilly back road through lovely countryside.

If you want to trial a particular bike let us know in advance. We have arrangements with importers and shops and may be able to arrange a demo bike for a longer test that you can get at the shop.
Flyer bikes are extremely reliable and have easily identifiable characteristics and durability. Flyer is also an old name in electric cycling and is popularly known as one of the very best.

So if you want to try before you buy your own, then please come and try them. They are amazing!

Guided Holidays 

We have a selection of guided tours that take in some of the local places of interest, local views and lunch. Most are about 25 to 30 miles and last from about 10.30 am to late afternoon with variations in the winter to keep to daylight.
We have the following three examples.
  1. On quiet roads to the National Trust House at Farnborough
  2. Over hills to Cannons Ashby, a 1500’s National trust House.
  3. Burton Dassett National Park and its unusual Saxon church in the top 1,000 churches of Britain.  

These and most guided tours can be extended or shortened by going a long way or short way round depending on how you feel as you go along.

Click here to view a detailed description of our tour around the historic churches of Warwickshire. ​