e-Bike Self Hire

There are many rides with hills (so easy on an e-bike) different things to see and places to eat. It is fun just roaming. We can provide maps, general suggestions and a child’s bolt on seat – some of the pubs have a sand pit or play area. No special equipment or clothing is needed. A wind proof jacket is useful as there can be a wind chill factor. Something that doubles up in case there is a shower – this is England after all. We ride in specs or dark glasses to avoid the proverbial fly in the eye. If you have them you may prefer you own helmet and biking top. If otherwise we do provide a helmet and hi-vis vest.

If you would like to bring your bike please do – we can suggest rides.

For more information on tourism in the local area, please feel free to visit the following sites.


  • A local map surrounding Priors Marston